Greeley High Plains Chautauqua

Celebrating their 20th year, Greeley’s High Plains Chautauqua begins on Monday, August 5 and continues through Friday the 9th.  Do not miss this opportunity to see history come alive in this big tent, open stage portrayal of famous role models of the past.  You can experience John James Audubon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Harriet Tubman, Teddy Roosevelt, Marie Curie, and Thomas Jefferson, and Henry David Thoreau.  It is easy to be fooled into thinking they are standing there in front of you.  After the performance, the actors step out of character and will answer your questions about the lives they are portraying.  They have thoroughly researched their characters.

I have been to this event over many years and always find it a remarkable and often moving experience.   It is a great way to spend a summer evening or more.

It is still a free event, although donations are appreciated.  The location is at Aims Community College in Greeley.  You may purchase a meal on site or bring your own picnic.  For more information go to

Want to learn more about these historic figures?  The Eclectic Reader has the above books available at this time.


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