Gratitude Page

Angel Face rose

Angel Face rose

As the list of people who have helped The Eclectic Reader grows longer, I would like to create a permanent page where I can publicly express my gratitude.  I will be adding to this page as time goes by, so, if I missed your name, please let me know.

Bouquets of thanks to the following people for everything from moral support, to volunteer work, to book donations:

Mary Beck/Gary Spivak
Walt Biedermann
Richard Biedermann
Camille Birck
Bill Borland
Elizabeth Brandon
Margaret Coder Photography IMG_0399
Bob Collins
Lee Combs
Barbara Costello
Cindy Crosby
Noah Dalbow
Gary Dick
Olivia Dresher
Bill and Barbara Dunhill
Meg Dunn
Carol Dvorak
Alan Epperson
Rick Fennig
Ron Fortier of Pulp Fiction Reviews
Ken Gage
Jonathan Gans
Tom Garry
Michael Gerard
Cindy Gibson
Martha Goodell
Bonnie Grant
Art Griffiths
Gerry Hayashi
Joe Hutchinson
Arlen ______
Keith Heikes
Patrice Holtzer
Judy Jackson
Tom Jazbutis
Ray Jenkins
Debra Johnson
Robin Kelly
Deryl Keney/Chris Holm
The Kimbles
Tom Knight
Richard Kramer
Carol Kruse
Bill Lamperes
Norman Lepker
David Lipp
Steve Long
Tom LopezIMG_0396
Dottie Lovato
Diane Lynch
Cheryl Lynn
Bob Maier
Charlie and Nancy Malley
Laura Manuel
Connie Mares
Rick McKita and Kate

Carol Meyer
Larry Monesson
Patti Mueller
Mulnix Animal Clinic
Muminah _____
Sarwar Naqui
Clancy Nielsen
Marjorie Olson
Olsson family
Bob O’Rourke
Michelle Ozorowski
Steve and Debbie Pirera
Dave Primer
Mickey Ramirez
Rianna Renfrew
Will Reynolds
Michael Riversong
Robert ______
Randi Robinson
Theresa Rose
Donna Rummler
Deborah Rupp
Sandy Sandford
Sara Schechtman
Jon St. Andre
Jude Simmons
Patricia Stoltey
Becky Strefach
Shelly Swanson
Robert and Kate Theodoratus
Annie Van Langenhoven
Anne Villarreal
Colette Vogl
Ki Song Wallace
Morgan Frazer Williams and Lee Williams
Kirk Winkelmeyer
Carl Woolheiser
Mike Wooley
Sandy Worth
Mark Ziegler
Jim Zimmerman

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