Books AND Plants

It’s that time of year when I gather up all of my houseplants that have been summering outdoors and try to cram them back in the house before the frost hits. Now is your opportunity to buy the plant starts I have been growing this summer and the bigger plants that have been “downsized” in the bi-annual migration to and from the indoors.

I always have some plants for sale at the bookstore. Many of them are uncommon, like the “walking iris,” (neomarica gracilis) on the upper right, which has a bloom like an orchid, or “the people in the boat” or “Moses in the boat,” or the “rosary vine,” or the “pregnant onion.” I can take cuttings on “dancing bones.” Clever common names on these plants.

This is the offspring of an African violet I have grown since 1976. I grew this one from a leaf cutting and now it is ready for a new home.

If you are looking for perennials for your outdoor garden, I have many to offer. Also available: a lilac bush, a Nanking cherry bush, and a 4 foot tall cotoneaster. These are obviously not kept at the bookstore. Call 970-223-4019 if interested.


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