World Outlander Day: June 1st

I missed a timely post, but you have not missed the wide selection of Outlander books available today at The Eclectic Reader. There are more on the shelves. I am a devoted Outlander fan, having started way back in 1993. They are my favorite escapist reading. Going deep into another world and historical time that is described with such detail and accuracy by author Diana Gabaldon is very helpful in escaping the realities of our own time. This series has it all, history, romance, intrigue, great characters, and yes, sex and violence. It has the most evil villain of all. I could do without the extreme violence at the end of book one, but Gabaldon does know how to write the best sex scenes. I am currently reading book 9, Go Tell the Bees. The mini-series is also worthwhile and a faithful adaptation.


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