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Books (And More)

That’s what my sign says. Here is a peek at some of the “and more” that we have in the store this holiday season: TV mini-series, music CDs, books on CD, books on cassettes (really!), coloring books, a Charles Dickens Lego set, mugs, movies, statues, and plants…always have plants for sale. Not pictured: framed art … Continue reading

A Bookstore Story: How Stephen King Saved the Day

    Letter to Stephen King Mr. King: You will never receive another letter even remotely like this one. It is a thank-you because you almost single-handedly saved my bookstore for one month during the pandemic lockdown. This is the true story of how it happened— all the good luck/bad luck/good luck and just plain … Continue reading

Father’s Day Ideas

Whether your dad is a rugged outdoorsman or fisherman or likes more armchair adventures, we have a diverse selection of books for all interests.  Not your dad?  There are so many alternatives: history, science, art, philosophy, religion and spirituality, horticulture, construction, thrillers, science fiction.  The list goes on…