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Taking the Mystery Out of the Book Scout

Taking the Mystery Out of the Book Scout One of the most frequently asked questions in my bookstore is “Where do you get all your books?” The answer is #1. book sales #2. from customers who want to sell their books #3. from my book scouts #4. donations. Every bookdealer has behind-the-scene scouts, even if … Continue reading

A Bookstore Story: How Stephen King Saved the Day

    Letter to Stephen King Mr. King: You will never receive another letter even remotely like this one. It is a thank-you because you almost single-handedly saved my bookstore for one month during the pandemic lockdown. This is the true story of how it happened— all the good luck/bad luck/good luck and just plain … Continue reading

Father’s Day Ideas

Whether your dad is a rugged outdoorsman or fisherman or likes more armchair adventures, we have a diverse selection of books for all interests.  Not your dad?  There are so many alternatives: history, science, art, philosophy, religion and spirituality, horticulture, construction, thrillers, science fiction.  The list goes on…

Customer Jokesters

Customer Jokesters

Even in a serious place like a bookstore there are people who surreptitiously show off their sense of humor. I frequently find books misplaced on purpose, especially in the science/religion sections which happen to be side by side. And, no, I didn’t do that on purpose (put them together). One day I found “Poe,” my … Continue reading