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The pandemic has brought a change in the used book business: less income from the sale of books but an avalanche of book donations. We never had book donations in 1983. A recent donation of remarkable (eclectic) diversity brought me face to face with a philosophical question. Which is better? To receive books that are … Continue reading

The Soul of a Dog

Recently finished this heartwarming book. Nothing difficult here. Pure enjoyment. To anyone who loves dogs or has a small farm full of animal species these stories will be familiar territory. Jon Katz has written 18 books, many about dogs. I suspect those who love dogs have already read his work. “No two dogs are alike.” … Continue reading

A World of Tolkien

Just in at The Eclectic Reader and disappearing fast…books on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien: This book and A Tolkien Bestiary sold today. Hurry in to see the rest. Seven left.

Rare Architectural Gem

Just in at The Eclectic Reader – a real find for the architect doing restoration work on pre- 1920s buildings. This is the International Library of Technology 497 “Brickwork, Terra Cotta, and Concrete” prepared under the supervision of William S. Lowndes, published in 1920. 247 illustrations. $45. Only 4 copies online. This is a beautiful … Continue reading