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Finally, my display for Black History Month is set up. I’ve sold one thing so far, a DVD/book set on Martin Luther King. I am working on lists of movies and books I have seen and read that I think worthwhile. I will post those next and welcome suggestions. Here is a poem by Countee … Continue reading


Barkis was originally published in 1938. Clare Turlay Newberry (1903-1970) published 17 books in her lifetime. I read many as a child: Mittens, Smudge, Marshmallow, Barkis, and more. She received the Caldecott Book Honor four times for her illustration. These books are timeless, and I am happy to see that they have been republished and … Continue reading


“The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.” Oscar Wilde One morning last week, Oscar Wilde was left on the doorstep of The Eclectic Reader. An orphaned book. Who left him? He was recently purchased from this store. And why? Did they not realize who he was? You now … Continue reading

Books AND Plants

It’s that time of year when I gather up all of my houseplants that have been summering outdoors and try to cram them back in the house before the frost hits. Now is your opportunity to buy the plant starts I have been growing this summer and the bigger plants that have been “downsized” in … Continue reading

Owner on Medical Leave of Absence

Hello my book-loving friends! I will be having hip surgery on July 25 and recuperating for about a week or so afterward. A few people will be running the store in my absence. Be kind to them. Talk books to them. Buy books and help pay for their wages! My sister reads a lot of … Continue reading