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Father’s Day Ideas

Whether your dad is a rugged outdoorsman or fisherman or likes more armchair adventures, we have a diverse selection of books for all interests.  Not your dad?  There are so many alternatives: history, science, art, philosophy, religion and spirituality, horticulture, construction, thrillers, science fiction.  The list goes on…

Customer Jokesters

Customer Jokesters

Even in a serious place like a bookstore there are people who surreptitiously show off their sense of humor. I frequently find books misplaced on purpose, especially in the science/religion sections which happen to be side by side. And, no, I didn’t do that on purpose (put them together). One day I found “Poe,” my … Continue reading

Bookdealer Musings: The Post Crypt

Once upon a time, back in the sixties, I was a college student/hippie who volunteered in three different theatres at Wayne State University in Detroit.  It was natural that I also volunteered in a coffee house that held open-mike events for poetry readings and guitar playing, etc.  This particular coffee house was in the spooky … Continue reading

Serendipity, Again

I was searching through my notebook of “captured quotes” when I paused at one with striking relevance for today. It was by a person with a strange name: Warsan Shire. I decided I must know who this is. And then, a world of beautiful poems and prose-poetry writing opened up before me, and I followed, … Continue reading