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World Outlander Day: June 1st

I missed a timely post, but you have not missed the wide selection of Outlander books available today at The Eclectic Reader. There are more on the shelves. I am a devoted Outlander fan, having started way back in 1993. They are my favorite escapist reading. Going deep into another world and historical time that … Continue reading



June 1,1926 – August 4, 1962 Avant Garde magazine, published January 1968 to July 1971. Herb Lubalin, art director, Ralph Ginzberg, editor. Noted for graphic, “logogram” design. This issue, No. 2, features serigraphic prints of Marilyn by Bert Stern. $40. Also in the store: #1, Jan. 1968, at $50, #3, May 1968, at $30, and … Continue reading


For the first time in 38 years, a major collection of H. P. Lovecraft has surfaced. I rarely get even one Lovecraft book every six months to a year. Since putting these on display this morning, two have already sold. If you are a fan of Lovecraft either come in right away or call me … Continue reading


April 20th. A late Spring? Saw my first dandelion two days ago and the first honeybees humming on the Nanking cherry, on a small section of what used to be a prosperous shrub. The lilacs are growing leaves. The roses just broke dormancy. The robins are fat. Other than that, the trees of Fort Collins … Continue reading