Used Books PolicyThe Eclectic Reader sells mostly used books and some new books at discount prices.

Paperback books are typically half the original cover price. Exceptions are vintage and rare paperbacks.

Hardback books are half the original price or less. Exceptions are rare books and special editions.

Pricing used books is an art, not a science.

Factors affecting the price of a used book:

  • Condition
  • Subject
  • Author
  • Rarity
  • Demand
  • First edition?
  • Current price
  • Out-of-print?
  • Local importance
  • Dealer’s experience and knowledge of the above
  • Dealer’s feelings about the subject or author

We do not trade books. Occasionally we pay cash for books. Generally we pay 20% of what we sell the book for (you get $2 on a $10 book). We never pay more than 50% of what we sell it for. Whether we are buying books or not is at the owner’s discretion. Please call first.

Donations of books are always welcome. We have a special partnership with the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter clinic. Donations in their name help support their no-kill cat shelter and work to reduce pet overpopulation and prevent disease.

We make every effort not to throw books in the dumpster. If we can’t use them we often donate to local charities or put them out for the neighborhood community in a free box.

What kinds of books would we pay cash for? Anything that would sell in about two weeks.

Books by these authors: Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Ayn Rand, Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, Christopher Moore, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Hesse, Henry Miller, Chuck Palahniuk, Diana Gabaldon, Anais Nin, Rumi, Rilke, ee cummings, C.S. Lewis, Edward Abbey, Wendell Berry, Aldo Leopold, Rick Bass, John McPhee, Michael Pollan, George R.R. Martin, Phillip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Henning Mankell, C.J. Box, Louise Penny, Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Thich Nhat Hanh, Pembra Chogrin, Harper Lee and more.