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Greeley High Plains Chautauqua

Greeley High Plains Chautauqua

Celebrating their 20th year, Greeley’s High Plains Chautauqua begins on Monday, August 5 and continues through Friday the 9th.  Do not miss this opportunity to see history come alive in this big tent, open stage portrayal of famous role models of the past.  You can experience John James Audubon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Harriet Tubman, … Continue reading


Let There Be Light…and Candles

“Don’t be afraid of your dark places.  If you can shine a light on them, you can find treasure in there.” Jeannette Walls (author of the awesome, highly recommended memoir on surviving a dark childhood – The Glass Castle). JUST IN AT THE ECLECTIC READER: a  truly impressive  collection of candles to choose from to … Continue reading

A Book Dealer’s Vacation

So what book does a book dealer buy when they visit another bookstore?  What would I buy when I already have 20,000 books of my own?   Could there be a gap in my personal library?  My special collections? I am speaking of a casual visit to the kingdom of another bibliophile in another state, … Continue reading