“Happiness” – 38th Conversation Cafe: June 11th, 7:15 p.m.

What is happiness?  Is it a mood?   Is it a personality trait?  Is it the way we approach life?  Do we “find” happiness only in big things that happen in our lives?  Can we find happiness in small things?   Are we happy only when life seems to be going well for us?  Can we be happy when it is not?  Do other people make us happy?  Do we make ourselves happy? Do possessions make us happy?  Are there secrets to happiness?  Can we be happy in poverty?  Can a meaningful life create happiness and contentment?  Would we be happier if there was no death?  Can happiness be taught?

Please join us for our 38th Conversation Cafe to examine the meaning of happiness.

This is a moderated discussion group where everyone joins in and there are no right or wrong answers.  We strive to become good listeners and to be open to all points of view.   Everyone is welcome at this free event.

Meet at The Eclectic Reader bookstore on the west side of Cimarron Plaza at Drake and Shields in Fort Collins.  Look for the blue sign that says “Books.”  For more information call 970-223-4019.

Angel Face rose

Angel Face rose


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