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These are some of the highlights of the eight boxes of books that were hand-picked at the latest book sale. I pay attention to what my customers want. So here it is…everything from Goosebumps to Haruki Murakami to James Baldwin.


It is not every day you find a true first edition of The Stand. Two buyers are already lined up. If they turn it down I will let you know.

Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West Thinning out my personal book collection has become necessary. I tried a monumental purge once…and failed. Weeded out six boxes and then couldn’t part with them all and took one box back home. My new strategy is to take small steps: one book every day. It seems insignificant, yet … Continue reading


Out of quarantine and recovered from my “breakthrough” Covid. The store is open and ready for your business. MASKS REQUIRED!