Monty’s Happy Anniversary Sale


Monty in 2012

In honor of the seven years Monty has been a star employee of The Eclectic Reader, we will be holding a special sale from June 25th through the 29th.  All books in the store except for our rare books will be reduced in price from 15% to 30%, depending on CATegory.IMG_3708.JPG

This is Monty at work this week, at 13 years of age, returning to the store, happy to be here, helping customers, including James Boyle and Brianna Lewis pictured here, and training Nina-kitten in the finer points of interaction and assistance.  Unfortunately, Monty has not been well lately.  Although he has been through exhaustive testing, no explanation has been found.  He is still trying to be the gregarious fellow he used to be, but he is thin and bony and much weaker.  Hopefully he will be back in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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