While the Cat’s Away…

IMG_3651The cats are away! While Cynthia and the cats are taking a short vacation, sister Laura will play as she tends the bookstore. It’s criminal!  She has deviously demanded a sale on mysteries! As her older sister I can honestly say she has been ‘getting away with murder’ herself for a long time. As a retired cop, a retired teacher of the fine art of crime scene investigation, and a recently retired Police Academy director as well, she has many opinions on mysteries. Put on your deerstalker and come on in to fill up on your favorites, or hers, or ask a few authenticity questions if you’re a writer. (She can entertain you with insider stories and police escapades.)   See you next week!

This crime scene is  June 13, 14 and a half day on the 15th.  All paperback mysteries and thrillers will be 15% off, all hardbacks will be 50% off.


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