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Employee of the Month

Since Monty’s dental surgery in February – and a big thank-you again to all who helped out with that – he has been back on the job at The Eclectic Reader. Monty has worked at the bookstore going on 7 years. He has always given it his best and is the star employee. Never was … Continue reading

Announcing a Monty-cat Photo Contest

Grab your Kodak, your Nikon, your Minolta, or maybe your digital camera, your iphone or whatever takes pictures these days, and come on over to The Eclectic Reader.  We’re having an October photo contest.  The challenge will be to take a picture of Monty, our bookstore cat, that is a clever combination of “cat-ness” and … Continue reading



Now here’s an orange-haired guy you can trust!!!  None other than Monty, The Eclectic Reader’s bookstore mascot.  Monty has a clean record – no money or morality issues, no email problems.     He’s Mr. Mellow, Mr. Cool.  He likes men, children, babies, dogs, cats, AND women.  Monty is the candidate of choice for the … Continue reading