Employee of the Month

Since Monty’s dental surgery in February – and a big thank-you again to all who helped out with that – he has been back on the job at The Eclectic Reader. Monty has worked at the bookstore going on 7 years. He has always given it his best and is the star employee. Never was a cat so interactive (unless taking a nappuccino) and fearless at approaching any stranger who comes in the door, with a strong preference for big men with beards, and noisy children. He has rubbed noses with visiting dogs. He has ridden willingly and quietly in the car to and from his job.

But now, since the beginning of the year, I have seen a change in our fluffy orange guy. He has turned 13, the beginning of the senior years in a cat. Monty is sleeping more. He has lost a lot of weight. Five pounds I think. His backbone is sticking up and his sides are a bit sunk in. We know he is experiencing some arthritis. Sometimes when people pet him a little too hard I see a reaction. Maybe it hurts. So I try to provide more guidance for the customers.

He still rolls on his back and asks for belly rubs. He still enjoys soft pets around his head and scratches under the chin. I believe he appreciates having a job to do. He takes it seriously and acts discouraged if a customer does not respond to his greetings.

Although I’ve had two cats live to 18 and two to 21, Monty seems to be aging faster. What I am saying is that I am monitoring our Monty for signs that a life at home would be better for him. Until that day comes, let us appreciate that he is now a senior cat and entering his golden years.

We will celebrate Monty’s seven years of employment at The Eclectic Reader in June.


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