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Everyone loves a contest, right?  For 15% off your next purchase* at The Eclectic Reader, guess two titles (or authors) of the books on our list of the top 22 most requested/best sellers of my 36 years in bookselling in Fort Collins.   This includes all the way back to my years as Toad Hall … Continue reading

Employee of the Month

Since Monty’s dental surgery in February – and a big thank-you again to all who helped out with that – he has been back on the job at The Eclectic Reader. Monty has worked at the bookstore going on 7 years. He has always given it his best and is the star employee. Never was … Continue reading

Japanese Haiku

I have begun the difficult task of thinning out my personal library and acknowledging that piles and piles of books on the floor must find their way to a bookcase. In the process, I have re-discovered some gems that have been squirreled away. Little Pictures of Japan by Olive Beaupre Miller, illustrated by Katharine Sturges … Continue reading

New Arrivals

Like what you see?  The Eclectic Reader now proudly carries over two (2) dozen rare and collectible D & D handbooks.  Gygax would be proud…

Check Out Our Choice New Arrivals!

Check Out Our Choice New Arrivals!

New books come in every week.  The hottest stuff goes fast.  After all, it’s half-price.  Whether you’re looking for a Lee Child, Henning Mankell, Sherlock Holmes, Ray Bradbury, or a nice copy of Walden,  I recommend you visit your favorite local bookstore at least once a month. You can always leave your name and a … Continue reading