Bookstore cat – Monty – Has Dental Surgery


IMG_3456IMG_3457Sorry about the eye glare. This is Monty about to go in for his surgery yesterday, February 11, 7 a.m.. I felt the way he looks. I was jittery and sleep-deprived.

I wasn’t sleeping well the night before. Around 1 a.m. I was jolted awake by my other cat, Milo, who had been sleeping peacefully beside my pillow, suddenly going into an epileptic seizure. (It is the second one he has had.) I thought he was dying. It was horrible. I was up for two hours before I could fall asleep again with Milo calm and resting.

Monty did fine during the surgery. As it turns out, he had to have two teeth pulled. Hoping he will regain the weight he has lost recently. He was soaking up some sun when I left this morning. The only problem now is how to give him the pain-killer. It has to go in his cheek…what cat has ever listened to “just hold still a minute while I squirt this in the right spot”?

Many thanks to all who contributed to the tooth fairy fund for Monty’s surgery. I am touched by your generosity. I even caught a few donors trying to be secret. Any funds above the cost of the surgery will be donated to the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic who have been phenomenal in reducing the number of unwanted cats in our area and helping those who are already here.


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