Announcing a Monty-cat Photo Contest


Grab your Kodak, your Nikon, your Minolta, or maybe your digital camera, your iphone or whatever takes pictures these days, and come on over to The Eclectic Reader.  We’re having an October photo contest.  The challenge will be to take a picture of Monty, our bookstore cat, that is a clever combination of “cat-ness” and “bookstore atmosphere.”  The winning biblio-feline-ography will receive a thirty dollar gift certificate for  BOOKS!!!  (Though we have to make an exception and exclude our rare books and consignment books from this offer.)

The ten best photos will be published on our Facebook page and all of our followers can vote for the grand champion.

Please call ahead to make sure Monty is at work the day you plan to take a picture. (970-223-4019)   He currently has Saturday, Sunday and Monday off.  Hint: he is at his best and brightest between 10 a.m. and noon.

Contest will close on October 31st, Halloween.  Good luck to you!







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