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Taking the Mystery Out of the Book Scout

Taking the Mystery Out of the Book Scout One of the most frequently asked questions in my bookstore is “Where do you get all your books?” The answer is #1. book sales #2. from customers who want to sell their books #3. from my book scouts #4. donations. Every bookdealer has behind-the-scene scouts, even if … Continue reading

It’s All in the Stars

Recent acquisitions to the store include some hard-to-get astrology books and a collection of metaphysical books, many of which are brand new.  These don’t last long so I recommend coming in for a visit soon.  Dynamics of Aspect Analysis has already sold. 

A New Journal

A New Journal

I recently began writing journal #81. Not shown here are years of letters written to and from all members of the family. As some of my friends know, someday I hope to create The National Diary Archive. Years ago I started a website and blog for that…nationaldiaryarchive.wordpress.com I don’t have many diaries from other people…currently … Continue reading