A New Journal

I recently began writing journal #81.

Not shown here are years of letters written to and from all members of the family.

As some of my friends know, someday I hope to create The National Diary Archive. Years ago I started a website and blog for that…nationaldiaryarchive.wordpress.com

I don’t have many diaries from other people…currently fewer than 25. I have some from my mother and great-grandmother. My family has bought diaries for my collection off Ebay. They are expensive to buy, even if they aren’t written by famous people.

My favorite one was a gift from a friend. It is written by a button collector, but oh there is so much more in that one. She was a character and described her honest feelings about people and events.

The first personal diary I have is from 1964. I write as openly and honestly as I can about people, my feelings, events in my life, my beliefs, animals, books, movies, gardening, my bookstore, nature, phenomenon, and strange synchronicities. Generally, I do not write about politics…but since Tramp took office I have poured my passionate anger into my journals.

I have continued to teach journal writing workshops. If anyone is interested in joining me in the creation of an archive, contact me at The Eclectic Reader at 970-223-4019.


2 thoughts on “A New Journal

  1. A phenomenal example of determination and continuity. Personal history in the strictest sense. And you persisted in spite of those times when painful events were aligned against you. Worthy of greatest admiration. –Will


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