The Eclectic Reader to Re-Open on May 1st

We are pleased to announce that The Eclectic Reader will open its doors again on May 1st.  Being a small store, this will be a cautious opening with face masks and social distancing and hand sanitizing.  Just one at a time, please!  or two people if we set up a one-way situation.  Nina will occupy the role of “cat in residence.”  (Monty remains at home for now.)   Cynthia will resume all other roles in the store.

Hopefully,  Fort Collins citizens will recognize the importance of triage for small businesses, those mom and pop stores that will be the most affected by a month and a half of no income (and no fat savings accounts).  Small business loans are not a viable option without visible guarantees of repayments with interest.  If you really need the money it is unlikely you will get the money.  We are relying on our customers to help us out of this soup.  I urge you to support all of the local bookstores in Fort Collins and Loveland and Northern Colorado as most of these are truly run by people who live in your communities —  your neighbors and not a corporation.

I was truly lucky for one sale during this pandemic.  The rare Stephen King limited first editions seen above, many signed by the artists, helped pay some bills.  Many thanks to P.C.  And by the way, I have just found the first book in the Dark Tower series in another box and will offer it to P.C.   This stunning collection was recently found in storage in the only unopened box out in my barn.  It had survived a traumatic near-destruction experience.  Why on earth was it the only box that remained taped shut?  One wonders sometimes about the synchronicity of events.

Hours at the beginning: 10-6 Tuesday – Saturday.  I will be taking Sunday AND Monday off for a while.




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