Christmas on a Budget



Way back in the personal history of the doctoral candidate there was probably a Little Golden Book or two…or more.   We all have to start somewhere.

There is strong evidence that reading to children has positive benefits in all areas of their development as well as creating a bond with the parent, grandparent, or friend who is reading to them (similar to walking your dog every day).   It is a “warm-fuzzy” activity and if you have never tried it before just grab the nearest kid and start reading.

Little Golden Books were first published in 1942.  I grew up on them and so did you, even though I am probably a lot older than you.

A couple years ago The Eclectic Reader acquired 2,000 Little Golden Books.  Yes, we still have some.  If you are looking for a cheap stocking stuffer, may I suggest a $1-$3 LGB.  You’ll need a big stocking.  (Not available here.)

The above photo may not reflect the books currently in stock.



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