Settling In Our New Digs


The move over was completed on Saturday.  This is day three after the wall went up.  You can navigate all the way around, but this is our “Before” picture.  I expect it will look a lot better in one month.   Everything must find its place.  Monty will stay home until I am sure he will be comfortable.  He has lost a lot of room to wander about and a couple of his favorite chairs.  At home he is pals with the old cat…he seems to be keeping an eye on her as she approaches 20 years old.

Please don’t stay away…we need your support now to get back on our feet after the move.  Hot new books have been coming in:  Calvin and Hobbs,  Christopher Moore, Hunter S. Thompson, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman.  The mythology section is filling up again.  New science fiction titles.

I wish I could wake up and all the work would be done.








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