The MOVE Begins



We are moving again…not to a new location really, just compacting the bookstore into one unit.  As many cities do, we are going to build higher.  You can see our new bookcases on the right hand side.  (We will be selling off most of the short bookcases.)  This move must be completed by the end of April.   We are going to need HELP.  We are asking for volunteers to move all the books in stages each Saturday in April.  There are also opportunities to help during the week if you have time then.    Your labor will be paid in books.  The rewards will be supporting the survival of a local used bookstore.  Please contact us at 970-223-4019 if you can help in any way.

Below is a view of half of the side of the store which needs to be moved.


We appreciate your support and hope to continue to provide you with the best books to entertain, educate, and engage you.


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