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It is not every day you find a true first edition of The Stand. Two buyers are already lined up. If they turn it down I will let you know.


June 1,1926 – August 4, 1962 Avant Garde magazine, published January 1968 to July 1971. Herb Lubalin, art director, Ralph Ginzberg, editor. Noted for graphic, “logogram” design. This issue, No. 2, features serigraphic prints of Marilyn by Bert Stern. $40. Also in the store: #1, Jan. 1968, at $50, #3, May 1968, at $30, and … Continue reading

500 New Titles Each Month

 There have been many wonderful collections that have come in recently.  We have new stock in mythology, science fiction, ancient history, nature, philosophy, metaphysics, and health.  As I have promised, at least 500 new titles every month.  Some of these books are actually brand new, but still at a discount.  Isn’t it time for you … Continue reading