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500 New Titles Each Month

 There have been many wonderful collections that have come in recently.  We have new stock in mythology, science fiction, ancient history, nature, philosophy, metaphysics, and health.  As I have promised, at least 500 new titles every month.  Some of these books are actually brand new, but still at a discount.  Isn’t it time for you … Continue reading



You can’t keep up a steady diet of deeply philosophical and meaningful literature without your brain going to rot. To hold the honor of being an eclectic reader you simply must branch out. As you probably know by now, the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is the jewel of my escape reading. But what is … Continue reading

Japanese Haiku

I have begun the difficult task of thinning out my personal library and acknowledging that piles and piles of books on the floor must find their way to a bookcase. In the process, I have re-discovered some gems that have been squirreled away. Little Pictures of Japan by Olive Beaupre Miller, illustrated by Katharine Sturges … Continue reading