Even after vaccinations and precautions, and encouraging customers to wear face masks, I now have Covid. Felt a little punky on Sunday, the 26th, so I closed early and went in for a test. It came back negative. So I thought, well, all right, and opened the store on Tuesday after my day off Monday. But then it hit. Closed the store on Tuesday around noon and it has been closed since then. After several days sick I retested at Urgent Care and this time the test was positive.

I am in quarantine and the bookstore is closed until…?

If The Eclectic Reader can weather this storm I will certainly need your support to survive in the future. Sincere apologies if anyone catches Covid through the bookstore. It shouldn’t have happened.

DO NOT TRUST negative tests. Monitor how you feel and test again if necessary.

No unmasked or unvaccinated people will be allowed in the bookstore again.

Cynthia Manuel


6 thoughts on “COVID STRIKES

  1. So sad to hear.
    Wish that I could give you some of my healing chocolate mint and healing lemon balm from my garden.
    Suzanne King



    • Thank-you, Suzanne! After six days of being sick, just this afternoon I feel like I broke through. I was outside Nina’s catio, sitting in the shade, enjoying the mild breeze, watching a green lacewing flit about like a fairy, when I experienced the sensation that the illness left. Thank-you for the offer of the chocolate mint and lemon balm. Fortunately, I have some in my cupboard from my own gardens. Chocolate mint is the best there is.


    • Hi Robert, Haven’t forgotten you…a guy so completely devoted to his cats! I am pretty sure I broke on through to the other side this afternoon (after six days of being quite sick). I think it will be all uphill now. Covid is up and down and even the symptoms change. Thank-you for your thoughts, Cynthia


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