One of the AND MORES of The Eclectic Reader is the plants I sell. I have been involved in horticulture a long time, which is why the store has such a great collection of books on the subject. Over 30 years ago I worked as a plant propagator at a local greenhouse, as well as growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs on my homestead, Blue Moon Farm. Growing houseplants has been a serious hobby for more than 45 years. I have a problem with throwing away my extras, or the various “pups” and pieces that break off now and then. When my coleus get too big I trim them and root the cuttings. When the cat breaks off an African violet leaf I feel compelled to propagate it.

Since I reopened as a brick and mortar bookstore in 2011 I have sold these plants and cuttings through the store. I have given away thousands of Mother of Thousands for free. If you know someone who has one, it probably traces back to me.

This is an ornithogalum caudatum or pregnant onion. I need to divide it before the frost comes. I will have a few bulbs for sale at $5 and under. It’s a most unusual plant. The bulbs look like onions and the “babies” burst out from the bulb.

Established plants available of this red coleus.

This is a night-blooming cereus. I have many well-established plants of this rare epiphyte. $5 and under. I would also like to sell the “mother-plant.”

“Looking-glass” begonia. Cuttings for sale, price varies.

This is a rhoeo, “Moses in the cradle,” or “people in the boat.” I have cuttings for sale at $5.

How about a “Sophie Cecile” begonia, or an elephant ear begonia? Cuttings available.

Many other uncommon plants are also available: the rosary vine (ceropegia woodii) , African milkbush (euphorbia bicompacta var. rubra), dendrobrium kingianum, kalanchoe fedtschenkoi, kalanchoe daigremontiana and a couple of rare African violets.

Stop in soon and talk plants.


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