The Soul of a Dog

Recently finished this heartwarming book. Nothing difficult here. Pure enjoyment. To anyone who loves dogs or has a small farm full of animal species these stories will be familiar territory.

Jon Katz has written 18 books, many about dogs. I suspect those who love dogs have already read his work. “No two dogs are alike.” Nor are any other animals of the same species. And if you have animals in your life, you know it. If you are close to animals and don’t have to dis-associate because they are “for profit” you may also have come to believe they are sentient beings with souls.

This book has been criticized for not meeting standards of philosophical discourse. Don’t read it for that. Katz says “What animals know or think or want falls into that gray zone amid what religion preaches, what science shows, and what we see with our own eyes and believe. Mystery may be the greatest gift my animals provide: It keeps me humble; it evokes the potential of life. It’s enthralling sometimes to wonder and not to know, to be reminded of the profoundly limited knowledge of arrogant and destructive human beings.”


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