Monty: A Chill Cat Even in This Heat

Monty is enjoying his new catio back at the farm, unperturbed by Nina-cat’s pouncing on him from behind the “jungle” grass.

On the June 25th anniversary of his first day of employment at The Eclectic Reader he made a guest appearance.  The first thing he did when I let him out of his carrier was to walk around the table to look for his food bowl to see if someone had put anything in it.  He hadn’t been here in over six months!

Monty had a good day, greeting customers as he used to, and flopping at their feet for a belly rub.  At 14, and barely surviving an illness in 2019, he’s a little more sedate than he used to be.   I will bring him in from time to time to relive the good old days.  He was an active and much-loved employee for seven years.

Monty is a member of the famous orange cats club, which includes Dewey, Morris, Heathcliff, Garfield,  Rhubarb, Hobbes, and the Cheshire cat.

We made a small donation to the Larimer Humane Society in honor of his adoption in 2012.


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