Great American Read Finale


What a smashing, thrilling final episode in the summer-long Great American Read series.  It was like watching The Academy Awards of literature.  Not to brag, but my favorite book WON.  It was in the lead at the start of the voting and never wavered.

Two of my other favorites also won top places:  the Outlander series and Harry Potter. My number two choice was actually Charlotte’s Web, which came in at #7.  I read and voted for so many in the top 30.   You can access the complete list on The Great American Read website, or watch the program.   If you are a bibliophile, it will be a delight.

I suppose many of us are disappointed that some book we didn’t care for beat out one that we loved.    It seemed so unfair.  Not to ignore that some of our very favorite books did not even make the list.  What are your thoughts and feelings about this motivational program and the books on the 100 list?


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