Now Accepting Donations for Fort Collins Cat Rescue

Monty at Adoption Event 2_20180829_0001

Monty’s got his paws all cleaned up and ready to accept more book donations for the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay Neuter Clinic.  This is how we at The Eclectic Reader raise money for our local, no-kill animal shelter.   We will clean, price, and sell the books and they receive half the profits.   We have succeeded in raising up to $1,000 in past years.  We would like to begin taking donations again in mid-September.  Please call ahead to drop off your books.

FCCRSNC has so much to offer our community.  Of course their rescue and low-cost spay-neuter and vaccination services fill a great need.  A recent count was 14,853 adoptions  and 52,111 spay/neuters.  But did you know they also offer a kibble food bank for low-income pet owners?  And they work with “community cat colonies,” (also known as feral cats) to trap-neuter-return.  They also have a vast network of temporary foster homes for cats.

As a business sponsor I had a tour of their facilities last week and I must say I am absolutely astonished by how much they have done and how far they have come since they opened in June of 2006 with 17 cats and 450 square feet of space.  I am a former pet sitter and you could say I knew them before they were born, before they even officially opened.  How incredible their journey!

The Eclectic Reader has twice hosted adoption events with Monty-cat supervising, but since we downsized we can no longer participate in that way.

Monty at Adooption Event_20180829_0001

For more information about the Fort Collins Cat Rescue go to their website at  and prowl around.


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