God Save the Queens


In the book business, the acquisition of an impressive collection of books on a single subject usually involves a death.  Occasionally these days, such a windfall will occur when the former owner is downsizing or moving and has to dispense with the baggage of a lifetime pursuit.

Such was the case when I recently obtained several boxes of books on the kings, queens, palaces and castles of Britain.

It’s British history, to be sure, but focusing on a Hollywood star of the empire, there is probably an entire box devoted to Princess Di.

Certainly, such a royal collection has never been seen before on this side of the blue pond.  If this is your thing, I need you to contact me forthwith and I will make you a special deal on all.  Check your DNA because this might be YOU.  Ok, I admit it’s in my genetics, too, but we left all that behind in 1783 for new frontiers.



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