BOOK REVIEW: The Man Who Was Thursday

by Ethan

The Man Who Was Thusrday, by GK Chesterton, is one of those reads perfect for a quiet summer evening in a private corner of your house. Charming, witty, and hilarious, this detective story, filled with poetry and politics, will leave you feeling more creative and amused than any television sitcom or blockbuster ever could.
Follow along as our hero, Gabriel Syme — a poet and a police detective — attempts to root out an anarchist plot. After infiltrating a secret meeting of anarchists and getting himself elected “Thursday” (on of the seven members of the high council of anarchists), he gets involved in a series of adventures, where he must uncover the identities of the members (i.e., the other days of the week), not to mention their mysterious leader… Sunday
This book is Chesterton at his best. His brilliant wit shines through every line, especially Chapter 10 — which is undoubtedly the best written treatments of a duel I’ve ever read. 
Therefore, I strongly encourage you to take some time and see the world through Chesterton’s eyes.

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