Our 43rd Conversation Cafe, November 12th at 7:15 p.m. : Subject – “What is Wisdom?”

The Eclectic Reader

Buddha Monty                                                                      Buddha Monty

Join us to discuss “What is Wisdom?”  The following questions will be our guide:

What is wisdom and how do you acquire it?  Do we become wise through our life experience or are we born with an innate wisdom?

Wisdom has been defined as many things: empathy and compassion, being able to put things in perspective, seeing the “big picture,”  the ability to see multiple points of view,  a desire to deeply know and understand, and the capacity for self-reflection.  How would you define it?

Have you known someone who was/is wise?

What famous people were/are wise?

How do you foster wisdom in yourself or your children?

Is wisdom a product of challenges, adversity, and negative experiences?

When have you acted wisely and what gave you the power to do so?

What life experiences brought you wisdom?

Join us at The Eclectic Reader, on the west side…

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