In Search Of…People

IMG_1610The Eclectic Reader is interested in starting three groups:

  1.   An “eclectic reader’s” book group.  Not just for modern fiction, or for “classics” either.  The goal is to broaden your normal reading spectrum.  Book choices will be in science-fiction, mystery, thrillers, non-fiction, juvenile fiction, young adult, kids classics, memoir/biography, modern fiction and literature.
  2.    An “eclectic writer’s” group.  For writers in all categories that don’t qualify as finished novels or non-fiction.  This is  sometimes called “fragmentary writing.”  It includes snippets and pieces, aphorisms, diary entries,  essays, mini-short stories, meditations, stray thoughts, and notebook scribbling.
  3.     Anyone interested in penmanship or shorthand?

If you think you might belong in one of these groups, or you know someone who does, call The Eclectic Reader at 970-223-4019 or come on in and talk.   West side of Cimarron Plaza at Drake and Shields in Fort Collins.


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