The Life of a Bookseller: Synchronicity

It has happened before.   Some amazing coincidence in the bookstore, a story I will tell for years afterward.  The usual one is a cautionary tale for those who don’t wish to leave their name and the books they “want” on file at the store.  Often the book will come in the day after their visit, as if their desire for it called it into the store.  The funniest such incident was the time a customer walked out and the next customer to come in brought in the very book they had been looking for…the two customers brushing past each other, too late for a connection.

This latest synchronicity was astonishing.  I had been to a book sale over the week-end in late April.   I was almost finished with putting the new inventory on the shelves.  A collection of trade paperback reprints of the work of Sigurd Olson, the famous Minnesota nature writer, was left for last, as they had some grunge on the covers that needed to be removed.   I worked on them for at least fifteen minutes.  Done, I placed the books in the nature section and headed to the back to wash my hands.  Moments later a customer walked in.   He said he was looking for an author who was hard to find, that most bookstores had never heard of before: Sigurd Olson.   Now how synchronistic is that?  He bought several.  Could he possibly believe my story?  This really happened.  IMG_1475


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