Part II: A Week in the Life of a Bookstore Cat

IMG_1385Ready for the next customer.  Monty is the meeter and greeter.  He has a very interesting preference list for a cat.  He loves men the best, then children, then women.  He is fine with cats.  Last year he developed a crush on a Fort Collins Cat Rescue kitten.  At home he refuses to be chased off by 19 year old Annie-cat’s temper snits or to give up on Milo-cat, who engages in annoying and too rough “mock” fights.   Monty even likes dogs…those who do not chase him.

Unless Monty is sound asleep, if a man sits or kneels down in the store Monty is up in his lap and lavishing kisses upon him.  He has made grown men cry at such unabashed attention.  IMG_1421


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