Dear Kittens: How to Help Your Local Used Bookstores

IMG_1380Dear Kittens,

We know you love used bookstores – finding great, gently-used, half-priced books. And then there’s that whole thing about discovering books you never knew existed or needed finding YOU as you browse.

But used bookstores need your help to survive in the competitive world of corporate and investment-company internet bookselling.  I know you have many other distracting choices for your time and attention:  ebooks, tv, movies, texting, Facebook, iphones, school, jobs, family, relationships.

Listen carefully.  Here’s how you can help us out, because unlike many online booksellers, we need to pay rent and utilities in prominent retail locations:

1.  Buy books – a no-brainer, right?

2.  Donate books.

3.  Tell your friends about us.  Share our activities and community events with your Facebook friends.  Spread the word.  Marketing budgets for advertising are slim to non-existent in the used book trade.

That’s it, dear kittens, just three things.

Thank-you for your help.


One thought on “Dear Kittens: How to Help Your Local Used Bookstores

  1. I did not say that. I said, “Great photo and commentary!”. I do not know where that other comment came from. Oh well, ghosts of the cloud.


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