Book Signing January 17: for Invasion Occupation Awakening by Haitham Alsarraf



Haitham Alsarraf



Join us on Saturday, January 17, from 1-3 p.m to meet with Middle East writer Haitham Alsarraf and discuss his new book:  Invasion Occupation Awakening.  (Copies will be available at discount during this event.)

“When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, many traumatic experiences were molded. Each chapter details different characters that undergo the seven-month occupation and consequent liberation of the country. Through turmoil of war to self-examination, the characters come to grips both psychologically and philosophically with their newly acquired environments and face their freshly constructed realities. In them, their humanity is not only invaded and occupied, but it is metamorphosed and awakened.”

“The release of the book is a testament to the psychological and philosophical traumas that many actually faced, which is barely being addressed in the Persian Gulf today. ”

★★★★★ ( “This is an amazing book! I have read it twice now and each time I discover more within each character. The descriptions of what really happened during the occupation of Kuwait are astonishing. I really feel the characters metamorphoses as the story goes on. This is a unique story that anyone interested in the psychology of what happens to people during an occupation should read. I highly recommend it to anyone!” – Frederick Wilcott, American Contemporary Artist.

“Haitham’s venture into writing literary fiction stems from his fascination with creative writing. His first hand experiences, as well as being a interpreter for the British newspaper The Times, during the invasion, occupation and liberation of Kuwait in 1990-1991, prompted him to unveil the experiences in this compilation. Haitham graduated from Colorado State University with an M.A. degree in English literature and he has been teaching English at Kuwait University since 1997. He created and edited the Kuwait University literary magazine entitled Perceptions and an online literary magazine called Kaleidoscope. Haitham is currently working on a novel. Haitham resides in Fort Collins and Kuwait.”

Read a chapter of Invasion Occupation Awakening at Goodreads and Wattpad.

E-mail | Website Goodreads | Instagram: @HaithamAlsarraf | Twitter: @HaithamAlsarraf | Facebook: Haitham Alsarraf


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