Monty Says: Vote for the Larimer Humane Society

Monty Says Do It

Monty Says Do It

I am not sure I understand the objections to voting for the expansion of the Larimer Humane Society –   a needed service which is terribly crippled by lack of decent space and facilities.

Certainly we need to work toward greater responsibility on the part of pet owners on issues of spay/neuter, and abandonment, but there will always be neglect.

At The Eclectic Reader we say vote yes, give them money now.

Monty, the bookstore cat, was once a resident of the LHS.  How could someone abandon the perfect cat?  He is the most loving, gregarious cat, allowing hugging, clumsy petting, and even belly rubs.  He actually goes up to customers to see if they need help and maybe are looking for a cat to pet.  Monty is free with kitty kisses.  He’s very much like the famous Dewey, the library cat.  He loves men and children.  Yes, that’s right, children.  And, if it weren’t for the Larimer Humane Society, we would not have this remarkable ginger cat.   Thank-you, Larimer Humane Society!  We will support you.


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