Grand Opening

Big Event: Our real Grand Opening is coming up this Saturday, June 14th from 10 to 6 p.m. Refreshments will be served in the morning. Monty, the bookstore cat, will be there to greet people.

The newspaper printed the press release last Saturday and misled people into thinking the grand opening was then. Of course, that was one of the rare occasions I wasn’t there. I was out looking for more bookcases when my clerk called frantically and asked what was happening as people were coming in expecting a party. I dashed to the store with Monty-cat.

There were no refreshments, but I did honor the 20% off.

Monty was the star of the show. I have witnesses to say that he walked all around the new store (his first time), looking up at the bookcases and all the familiar furniture, now re-arranged, and once he got the “lay of the land” he immediately began working the customers for attention. He went up to as many people as he could, rubbing around their legs, trying to climb in their laps if they were sitting or kneeling, giving kisses when allowed. In between his clerk job he lay regally on the carpet, in full possession of his bookstore. This was an amazing thing to watch. I swear we saw him smiling with pleasure to be back on the job. Being at home can certainly be boring.

Monty talked to the customers so much that I was ready to say “Stop already!” He did not take a nap from 11:30 until 6 p.m. when I put him back in his carrier and took him home.


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