Lost Books: Fall in Love With This Forgotten Children’s Book


                                                                         Buttons in the Back by Elizabeth Kirtland

As an eclectic reader and a book dealer I have occasionally stumbled upon a remarkable “find,”  a book I have never seen or heard of before that is simply wonderful.  Such a book is this children’s story that is perfect for reading out loud and will be appreciated even more by the adult.   Why is it not as well known as Charlotte’s Web or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?   All of the accolades on the dust jacket are true:  “One of the most beguiling stories,” “glimmering with warmth,” “evocative of memories,” “a cameo of yesterday,” and the adjective I find most commonly — “charming.”    Charming it is.   And clever.  The illustrations by David Levine truly compliment the story.  Though the setting is probably Victorian, there are some aspects of childhood that never change.  Published in 1958, my copy is a second printing.  Did it disappear after that?  My copy is not for sale, but you can find copies on Bookfinder.com

Here is the first chapter:


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