Thoughts of a Bookdealer

You’ve all heard of the “Little Free Libraries” that are springing up all over the world?  Last month I had an unusual customer at The Eclectic Reader.  Here’s what happened:  A man came in to buy children’s books.  He spent an unusually long time in the children’s area and carefully selected a box, yes, a box of kids books.  Most of them were chapter books.  (Price range $1 to $3.50.)  He spent about $70, with my discount.   On his way out the door he said that he was a probation officer from Denver.  He had noticed that the Little Free Library near him was always out of children’s books.  He thought maybe if he could encourage reading when the kids were young he might be able to open their minds to new worlds of experience, ideas, and understanding, and change the course of their lives before they became clients.

What a wonderful hope that is.  I am a believer that you can have an effect on the world, even change someone’s life, with the simplest action.  You just never know.

Consider donating books to a Little Free Library.  You can clean your bookshelves, your kid’s room, or buy some books from a library sale or a used bookstore.  All of these are ways you can support literacy.  At The Eclectic Reader we continue to supply a free box of books outside the store.

IMG_1688All of the classic children’s books shown above are from two to four dollars.  Between childhood and adulthood I have read 10 of them and I can assure you they will broaden your experience and open your mind to new ways of thinking.  Children’s books are one of my favorite categories.  They are entertaining, and don’t go on and on while they open new worlds of experience and thought.


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