Sunday, August 2, National Coloring Book Day

IMG_1599Monty wishes to remind you that tomorrow is National Coloring Book Day and that coloring is an activity that has been shown to be a good way for humans to reduce their stress levels, which are pretty high these days.    Of course, you could also take lessons from a cat and just sleep 80% of the time.

These coloring books are still available in our store.  Most are from Dover Publications, Inc., which offers the ultimate eclectic collection of such books for children and adults.  The anatomy one is very popular with medical students.

Dover is my absolute favorite publishing company, an opinion formed during  32 years in the used book business.  There can be no better.  They did not pay me to say this.  They reproduce classic literature and the finest scholarly books in every field at the lowest prices.   Their trade paperbacks are easy to open and read and the paper rarely yellows with age.


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