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Ralph Moody Books

Just in at The Eclectic Reader…5 titles by Ralph Moody (1898-1982), a Colorado favorite. He wrote 17 novels and autobiographies, many set in Colorado and the colorful American West. His family moved to Littleton, Colorado in 1906 when he was 8 years old. His most famous book, Little Britches, is about those years. I have … Continue reading

Edward Gorey: The Epiplectic Bicycle

Edward Gorey: The Epiplectic Bicycle

Edward Gorey, (1925-2000), author, illustrator, playwright, puppeteer, set and costume designer, and cat lover. Possessing a macabre sense of humor. Lived with 20,000 books (nothing bizarre there), six cats (no problem), and a collection of daguerreotypes of dead babies (ok, morbid). His art work has been described as gothic and “unsettling.” His books rarely turn … Continue reading

“Known throughout the world as the intellect behind The Chronicles of Narnia and as the twentieth century’s most influential Christian writer, C. S. Lewis has stirred millions of readers through his probing insights, passionate arguments, and provocative questions about God, love, life, and death.” …from the back cover of Readings for Meditation and Reflection, edited … Continue reading


Stop in tomorrow and check it out. Gryphon Games and Comics is having their free comic book day this Saturday and this would be a perfect time to see what The Eclectic Reader has in science fiction and fantasy. We will also have a free table of books out on the sidewalk.