Beautiful Collection of Stephen King

An impressive collection of Stephen King has just arrived to join what is already on the shelf at The Eclectic Reader.  Many of the hardbacks are first editions in pristine condition, priced at $15 each.

New Hours, New Arrivals

    The new arrivals have been pouring in so fast I can hardly keep up.  Hundreds of new titles are added weekly. (Some of the books in this picture have already sold.) Announcing some changes in hours: We’ve added Sunday hours from 12-5 p.m. for the entire month of December! On Friday nights I … Continue reading

New Arrivals

Like what you see?  The Eclectic Reader now proudly carries over two (2) dozen rare and collectible D & D handbooks.  Gygax would be proud…

Announcing a Monty-cat Photo Contest

Grab your Kodak, your Nikon, your Minolta, or maybe your digital camera, your iphone or whatever takes pictures these days, and come on over to The Eclectic Reader.  We’re having an October photo contest.  The challenge will be to take a picture of Monty, our bookstore cat, that is a clever combination of “cat-ness” and … Continue reading

Can you say “minotaur”?

Getting to our bookstore on Saturday may be a bit of a challenge.  To finish off the Drake and Shields street  project they will have to close the intersection and one of the entrances to Cimarron Plaza from Friday night at 8 p.m. to sometime on Sunday.  We will be open our regular hours on … Continue reading

Community Book Sale

Community Book Sale

COMMUNITY BOOK SALE Happening this Saturday, September 10th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at WOLVERINE FARM LETTERPRESS AND PUBLICK HOUSE in Fort Collins at 316 Willow Street in the River District. Maxline Brewing will be selling beer. Multiple vendors, including: Old Firehouse Books, The Eclectic Reader, Wolverine Farm Bookstore, and Fort Collins Reads.  Hundreds … Continue reading

Monty’s Vote

Monty’s Vote

    Monty is voting for Wonder Woman this year. This first issue of Ms. magazine, Volume I, Number One, from July of 1972, is for sale for 50 dollars.  This magazine has been the voice of feminism since the beginning of the women’s movement. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood  is a cautionary tale  … Continue reading

Book of the Dead

  This is the prize of the Grateful Dead material that came in last month and the only thing left at this moment – being that I am asking $200 for it.  This copy is in near mint condition and is signed (dated June 29, 1991) by Herb Greene, the photographer, who is famous in … Continue reading