Posted in November 2015

“What’s Your Favorite Book?”

  One of the most confounding questions I get as a bookdealer is “What is your favorite book?” I stand there stupidly with my mouth open for a moment. It is not what they think…which is probably “What a stupid bookdealer…she obviously doesn’t read much.” Meanwhile, I am thinking “How many galaxies are there in … Continue reading

Our 43rd Conversation Cafe, November 12th at 7:15 p.m. : Subject – “What is Wisdom?”

Originally posted on The Eclectic Reader:
                                                                     Buddha Monty Join us to discuss “What is Wisdom?”  The following questions will be our guide: What is wisdom and how do you acquire it?  Do we become wise through our life experience or are we born with an innate wisdom? Wisdom has been defined as many things:…