Posted in January 2015

A Book Dealer’s Vacation

So what book does a book dealer buy when they visit another bookstore?  What would I buy when I already have 20,000 books of my own?   Could there be a gap in my personal library?  My special collections? I am speaking of a casual visit to the kingdom of another bibliophile in another state, … Continue reading

Originally posted on National Diary Archive:
  ANNOUNCING OUR FIRST EVER    OPEN MIC NIGHT                                                SATURDAY, JANUARY 10TH FROM 7:30-9:30 at The Eclectic Reader                                                                       Featuring – “Fragmentary Writing” ” ‘Fragmentary writing,’ what’s that? ” you ask.  Well, that’s what most of us do first (before we publish our Opus Majus).  It’s bits and pieces…