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Conversation Cafe #32: Topic: “What Am I Afraid Of?”

Conversation Cafe #32: Topic: “What Am I Afraid Of?”

Fear of flying, ghosts, spiders, snakes, cats/dogs, the number 13, public speaking, accidents, death, no money, flying monkeys, Alzheimers, “lions and tigers and bears, oh my”?  The topic for our next conversation will be  “What Am I Afraid Of?” Our next Conversation Cafe will be here at The Eclectic Reader bookstore in Fort Collins on … Continue reading

A New Kind of Writer’s Group

Announcing the formation of a unique writer’s group for the purpose of encouraging, gaining acceptance of, and sharing “fragmentary literature” and private writing. Do you keep a journal or diary, write letters, keep a notebook with bits and pieces, insights, impressions, vignettes of everyday life, short prose? Do you collect aphorisms or create them? If … Continue reading

A Gallery of Photos of Our New Store

For anyone who has not yet been in…here’s a look at our new interior.  Contrast this with the “before” pictures from May 2014.  It really was a daunting task to take 500 boxes of books and a whole herd of bookshelves (flock, gaggle, murder, cluster, troop, pack, swarm, colony, convocation, pride, host, ambush, cloud, army, … Continue reading

Well, damp rainy weather washed out our “Tell a Story” Conversation Cafe.  Just two of us were there but we had a good time sharing some farm remembrances.  Farms are a fertile source of darn good stories.  Y’all missed the story of my amazing farm cat – Annie – and her love of chickens.  I … Continue reading